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Mini Movers is a family owned company based in Port Washington, NY specializing in safe in-house furniture moving. You may be wondering, what exactly does that mean? Well its simple actually. We will do all the moving you need done inside your house. Re-arranging furniture? We'll do it for you! Just tell us where everything will go. Putting things into a garage or basement for storage? We’ll do it for you! Filling up your POD? We’ll do it for you! We do just about any kind of moving that is all on one property, just check out of list of services on the “Our Service” page.
And guess what?! It doesn’t end there! We also do carpet rip up, including tackless and pad. Getting your floors re-done or refinishing hardwood floors? We’ll be the ones to rip out the carpet before the flooring company gets there.

We are fully insured! If you want a responsive, fast, affordable, reliable, honest and courteous moving company, you found it here!

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